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Mr. Jolie has years of experience in treating voluntary and court mandated clients, since 1999.  

A graduate of the Jane Addams School of Social Work, his style is straightforward, compassionate, and reality based.  Sessions are infused with joy, hope and laughter – 3 of his most cherished values. Interventions range from psycho-dynamic, family systems theory,  cognitive-behavioral therapy, and positive psychology approaches.

Francois Jolie

B.A. /  MSW /  LCSW

Francois Jolie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, providing psychotherapy services for individuals, families, couples, adolescents, and groups, specializing in nontraditional religions and lifestyles.


To bring comfort, healing, and emotional wellness by natural means.

To increase the practice of emotional and psychological hygiene with proven therapeutic intervention.

To help couples and families communicate and treat one another with kindness and respect.

My Mission

About the Therapist

3166 N Lincoln Ave., Suite 305

Chicago, IL  60657

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